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Professional Makep

Bridal Makeup

As the bride, your wedding day is one for which you deserve to look and feel more beautiful, radiant and healthy than ever before. I am a specialised make-up artist with years of experience. I share your ideal and am dedicated to making you look glamorous and gorgeous on your special day.

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As a qualified and experienced makeup artist, I have worked with various major industry players, including Bridal Diary, Singhs and Sons Advertising Agency, Heidi De Sousa Management, Rooi Rose ,SABC Expresso Breakfast show and Weekend Edition. I have also worked for two reputable cosmetic houses, Estee Lauder and MAC Cosmetics in both Cape Town and London. This puts me steps ahead of my peers and assures brides-to-be of the ultimate in professional, innovative makeup artistry.
I recognise the unique features, needs and desires of each bride-to-be, and work together with you to create your perfect look. Trial sessions are recommended so that brides-to-be can become familiar with my work and be confident of my abilities. Additional services included in the bridal package comprise

  • Hair Styling
  • Nail systems
  • Facials
  • Waxing
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Threading
  • Massages


As a professional makeup artist, I work almost exclusively with brides. In many conversations with women planning Their Day, I often hear an obvious lack of knowledge about what they should be discussing with me. I find they really have no idea what questions to ask….or what answers they ought to be getting.

The person you choose to provide your makeup artist services the day of your wedding will likely be spending several hours with you and your bridal party. It’s important that she or he be a person you like being around! You might even suggest to your Bridal party that they have Professional makeup done by this person, which means that the results of her work will be the focal point of about 80% of the photos taken that day. So trust and confidence in the makeup artist is very important.

Book a makeup artist you feel comfortable with, that you communicate easily with and who you naturally find yourself trusting. The makeup artist’s first priority is to provide beautiful professional makeup in the style you want, but she should also offer some moral support, help to boost your confidence and soothe your raw nerves in those last hours before you walk down the aisle.

All eyes (and cameras) will be on YOU! On your wedding day, you are making memories for a lifetime. How do those memories get preserved? A saved invitation or cake topper, yes. But primarily in your wedding album, which will be full of pictures of YOU, the bride. Ask yourself, will a DIY makeup artist job really be the image you want to see? With Professional makeup artist, you can be assured that your beauty today will be preserved for your grandchildren!

Based on your needs and circumstances, to ensure you’re hiring a Professional Makeup Artist who will provide the level of services you deserve on Your Day.